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I began making silver jewellery at a night class in 2004 where I learnt all the basic techniques, gained various certificates and fell in love with creating pieces for myself and friends but following this I am largely self-taught (by a method of trial and error!). Silver Ink Tree is a hobby which may one day become more… if my crafty dreams come true…but for the time being it has to be slotted in around my full time day job.

Each piece is hand made from start to finish. Most pieces start life as a sheet of fine or sterling silver and are shaped using a variety of techniques and tools into the final product. Pieces are completed with a good polish and can be finished to give them a high shine or a dull ‘satin’ finish. Because each piece is individually made it can take a little time to finish so please enquire about having a piece made in plenty of time unless you are buying from the ‘in-stock’ range from my Etsy shop.



Hallmarking is an ancient method of safeguarding consumers, and those trading in jewellery and precious metal and the word itself, stemming from ‘marking goods at the (Goldsmiths) Hall’ has its origins far back in time. The Hallmarking Act 1973 requires that all precious metal articles offered for sale in the UK have a hallmark applied by an independent assay office to guarantee the precious metal content of the item.

I have my own Hallmark registered at Sheffield Assay Office and do Hallmark any pieces which legally require it. This guarantees the precious metal content of your piece. Hallmarking only applies to pieces over a certain weight but if you specifically wish for a smaller piece to be Hallmarked this may be possible at an additional cost.

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If you have a specific silver jewellery design you need made, maybe for a special occasion or anniversary, please don't hesitate in contacting me as I am always happy to consider any commissions for handmade silver jewellery.

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My handmade silver jewellery is available to purchase from my Etsy shop. If you can't find what you are looking for please don't hesitate to get in touch


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