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The crochet menagerie begins!

I’ve managed to squeeze in a couple of small crochet projects recently for various little people (mostly on my train commute to work – my fave crochet time) and am discovering the fun (and frustration) of Amigurumi.  Meet Derek the Dinosaur and Henry the Hippo, both are suffering from a slight case of droopy head syndrome, hey, it’s hard work keeping a massive head like that up all the time!  Henry made friends with his new owner Baby Billy this weekend, despite the face I

Pop up gallery at Harlow Carr, Harrogate

The lovely ladies at Made-It sent us all the information for a very exciting new event at RHS Harlow Carr the other day….a Pop Up Gallery.  I’ve been invited to exhibit and sell my handmade silver jewellery for a whole month. A month!  I took part in a craft fair there last year and although it was a glorious weekend, sales were sadly few (for me at least) so I’m hoping that a month’s stint will be fruitful. Of course I don’t

As they say in blog world…Ta Dah! Finished Fushcias

Oops, haven’t found the time to update the blog for a while but thought I’d better just upload my first official ‘Ta dah!’. I’ve spent some time fiddling about with the fuschia silver earring design and feel really happy with the results.  I made the flowers a little bigger and found a better wire for creating the little flower stems.  At the moment there is only one pair in existence but they’ve been much admired in my ears so I

Mums the word!

Happy mothers day to all those lovely mums out there.  I know quite a number of new mums and it’s no mean feat becoming a mum for the first time so well done to you all, hope you are being spoilt rotten by the family.  Unfortunately my mum is poorly today with a horrid cold so I’m going to take her a yummy

Experimental making

This week I’ve been making some regular pieces for my stock but also started experimenting with a silver bangle…the finished product will be something to match my Dew stem earrings. I just need to work out the best silver wire to use so that the bangle doesn’t bend out of shape too easily.

Fuschia earrings

I also had a fun time fiddling about and

Button magic

Thought you might like to see the up-cycled cardigan (which I’m proud to say has had several admirers since it was given a new look!)….I especially like the sparkly button I found lurking at the bottom of my button jar.


Fusing and reticulation, every day’s a school day eh?

Today during my lunch break (in my real-life-day-job-that-pays-the-mortgage!) I had a little snoop around the shops.  I work in Hebden Bridge.  A very dangerous place to work, especially when on Honeymoon Economy Drive.  The shops are divine.  Hebden is FULL of amazing little independent shops and has a fantastic arts scene, in fact it’s won various awards for being, well, just so darned lovely.  Anyway, temptation to spend was all around me but I stuck to the charity shops and …

Simply Charming!

This week I’ve started working on an interesting new commission….well, thinking about it anyway.  I had an enquiry last weekend about making a charm bracelet and having read the email I went into a mild panic…”I’ve never made one before, where do I start”…etc…..but the more I’ve thought about it the more exciting it’s become. I’ve been daydreaming about lots of different types of charms and how I can personalise the bracelet. It’s really nice to have a new challenge and to be able

Vintage goodies

Braved the weather to meet up with a pal for a brew and gossip on Saturday. She has recently launched a business selling vintage furniture and homewares.  Some great stuff on her website so please do check it out www.entwistles.net 
I have my eye on some glorious kitchen kitsch in the form of this corkscrew and this sewing box footstool hybrid – surely this piece of furniture …

Silver Jewellery finds new homes

The crafting and silversmithing has been on hold for a week or so as the calendar seems to have hotted up and I’ve been a busy social butterfly all week. Last night was a highlight with a rare trip into the city lights with the Hubs to see King Creosote and Jon Hopkins perform at Leeds City Varieties. What at awesome sound. Truly mesmerising. Loving all that folky dokey goodness.

Anyway, my recent orders have now all been sent across the country…one made …


If you have a specific silver jewellery design you need made, maybe for a special occasion or anniversary, please don't hesitate in contacting me as I am always happy to consider any commissions for handmade silver jewellery.

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