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Jewellery snaps

A few little photos of some silver jewellery making in action.  An army of little bird have been growing ready to perch on some earrings and these are now finished and available in my shop here: Perching Birds.  I also wanted to make a quick pressie for a dear friend who was over visiting from Australia so the little E is for her.

A momentous occasion!

How exciting.  My first online sale a mere few minutes after sending my eNewsletter last night! The Husband got very grumpy (although he was also super pleased) as I was then too giddy to watch the film we’d started watching for our Sunday night entertainment. I was also thinking that I wished I’d finished that star necklace I’d been working on in the afternoon then I could have simply popped it in an envelope and sent it off to a lucky lady …

The Big Day

Well, today is The Day that I’m going to start doing a little bit of promotion for my new website.  I have generated a (surprisingly long) email mailing list and have whizzed people a little line to tell them about my site.  Some addresses collected from people who have made enquiries at various craft fairs…but mostly it’s just family, extended family, friends, extended friends, colleagues, extended colleagues!

Hopefully this is a good place to start and maybe the word will spread …

Lobe stalker

I have become an earlobe stalker! but don’t worry, I haven’t been accosting random strangers with my camera, just willing family and friends. I’m going to try to keep adding images of pieces being worn to give a better idea of size and shape so look out for these on the blog.

Crochet crazy

Now, strictly this might be a silver jewellery blog but I have to confess to you that I have developed a bit of a guilty pleasure since doing a short night class last January. Crochet. I love it. I can’t get enough of it and the entire house is now full of wool. There is a ball in nearly every room (perhaps apart from the bathroom….I think). It drives the Other Half a little bit mad and he bought …

Handmade really means silver handmade jewellery

Silver Jewellery work bench

Lots of people ask me if I buy the shapes pre-cut and the answer is no. Each piece is hand cut from sheet silver using a hand saw with a special blade, this is a technique known as ‘piercing’.

After that, there is a lot of filing and polishing with various grades of polishing paper (a bit like sandpaper), next the piece might need shaping or for bits to be soldered together (such as earring backs). In order to shape the …

Welcome to my website

Silver Jewellery work bench

Welcome to the Silver Ink Tree blog and my first blog post. It’s been a very hectic few months as it always is at this time of year juggling silver jewellery making with my day job, Christmas shopping, festive socialising, house work (groan) and weekend craft fairs plus the odd special commission. Anyway, by the time you’re reading this my whizzy new website will be up and running and hopefully I’ll be relaxing with a sherry, port, mulled cider (new …


If you have a specific silver jewellery design you need made, maybe for a special occasion or anniversary, please don't hesitate in contacting me as I am always happy to consider any commissions for handmade silver jewellery.

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