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Fusing and reticulation, every day’s a school day eh?

Today during my lunch break (in my real-life-day-job-that-pays-the-mortgage!) I had a little snoop around the shops.  I work in Hebden Bridge.  A very dangerous place to work, especially when on Honeymoon Economy Drive.  The shops are divine.  Hebden is FULL of amazing little independent shops and has a fantastic arts scene, in fact it’s won various awards for being, well, just so darned lovely.  Anyway, temptation to spend was all around me but I stuck to the charity shops and also discovered a really tiny little gallery that I’d never seen before (even after working there for two years I’m still discovering exciting things).  Low and behold, inside the gallery minding his own business (literally) was a jeweller called Stephen Roper and his well tooled workshop was based there with him. What a lucky man! A craft gallery and workshop combo…my dream! although I’m under no illusions about how hard it must be to make a living from making and selling jewellery.  His stuff was lovely. Totally different from my style and I just had to quiz him about the techniques he used as the pieces had such an unusual finish.  I’m sure I must have sounded very silly, as having investigated the techniques he quoted (‘fusing’ and ‘reticulation’) I find they are in fact used a lot in the business, I’ve just never come across them before.  Actually, I think I’ve probably reticulated without knowing…I may have sworn at the time as I over annealed and melted the surface of something…little did I know that it was an actual technique…and when mastered it can have beautiful results.
My research then led me to a course on Fusing and Reticulation down in London. It was £510. Sob. I need to sell a lot of pieces before I can go on this….will have to experiment myself.  I will keep you posted….!
PS – I did find a total bargain in a charity shop too. Biscuit coloured cashmere cardigan (£4). Currently a bit Granny looking for me (pearl buttons etc) but soon to be up-cycled with a load of random buttons from my button jar. In fact…that’s what I’m going to do right now….see ya!  
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