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Nana’s handmade silver clip-on earrings

Recently I spent time working on a commission for some clip on earrings for a special lady in her 90s. She is my Sister-in-laws Nana and she is so adorable.  She bought the pretty triple flower necklace that is featured on my website almost as soon as I launched the site and was keen to have some matching earrings.

Unfortunately I had terrible trouble with the clip-on findings.  She had some that she wanted to send me to use but the first pair got mangled in the post…must have gone through the letter roller, the second pair I managed to melt whilst attaching them (oops!) so the actual sprung clip bit became really loose and wouldn’t have stayed on an ear and the third pair having actually managed to solder them onto the earrings (using a lot of thermo-gel on the hinge / clip bit) then seemed to react with the acid in my pickling bath and deposited a worrying layer of dull grey fuzzy-ness (this is the only description I can think of) onto the whole earring.  I thought for a while that I’d ruined them….I may have had a small paddy through sheer frustration…but I dared to put them in the barrel polisher and they came out really well finished. Phew, big sigh of relief.  I’m not sure why they reacted in the pickle that way but I have a suspicion that they weren’t fine or sterling silver and may have been something plated or just a poorer silver – they didn’t have a silver stamp which my findings normally do have (ps – ‘findings’ is the word for little things like ear hooks, studs, chains, butterfly earring backs etc, just in case you were wondering). 

Anyway, the finished product is below.  The earrings have a satin finish as the original necklace had too but are larger in size than the necklace.  Hope she likes them.  The necklace was bought as a present from her husband to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary.  How amazing is that? Only 64.5 years to go for us then…!
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